One Africa

Africans Rising Together (ART) 2063 was created by an exceptional group of visionary men and women as a unique and different organization, purposed to lead a fractured people toward unification by engaging individuals of African descent in constructive collaboration towards oneness and common holistic development, to raise awareness about a broad range of cultural issues and to find ways to leverage actions, connections and education.

  • Our Action plans include the orchestration of strategic efforts to create social and cultural awareness that leads to Reconciliation & Restoration. ART 2063 provides a platform powered by partners united to improve the economic and social conditions of people of African descent globally.
  • Our goal is to Connect by facilitation of Societal Transformation through the collaboration for holistic development in the societal domains of Family, Religion, Government & International Relations, Business/Economics, Education, Arts, Sports & Entertainment, Media, Security, using and promoting a sense of collective identity based on a shared heritage and history.
  • We aim to leverage platforms to educate and empower our community, bringing holistic development–spiritual, social, and economical. This will be achieved through the promotion of a healthy and effective African philosophical framework for life, leadership, and governance. We will also highlight our collective contribution and achievements.

God has used the unfortunate circumstances of slavery to disperse Africans worldwide, and shaped us to be salt and light to touch every part of humanity.  Our goal is to plant seeds that would encourage Africans worldwide to honor and respect one another, appreciating God’s purpose and plans for a time such as this.

We are resilient, with extraordinary strength as we understand God’s grace to us as a people to endure the hardships of 400 years of bondage and mistreatment. Today, He is restoring us, and ART 2063 is but one bridge with the mission of acting as a conduit in connecting those of African descent as a common people of shared heritage.  We’re stronger together than we are apart.  We’re on a journey to see how we can leverage resources to build a global village and a common consciousness.

Through the love of God and uniting our people, we have an opportunity to heal our lands, to enable reconciliation among those of African descent globally, and to facilitate the building of trust.

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