Introducing Africans Rising Together 2063

Introducing ART 2063

Africans Rising Together 2063 is a non-profit organization with a mission to educate people of African descent concerning the true historical significance of our experience, culture, and contributions to the world. 

 ART 2063 was created by an exceptional group of visionary leaders to guide a fractured people toward unity by engaging people of African descent – African Americans, the wider Diaspora, and Africans on the Continent in constructive collaboration towards oneness and joint holistic development.

We raise awareness of a broad range of cultural issues by leveraging education toward holistic transformation, positive actions, and strategic connections. ART 2063 provides a platform powered by partners with the shared vision of improving education, economic development, and social conditions for people of African descent globally.

ART 2063’s action plan includes organizing strategic initiatives to create social, economic, cultural awareness and wealth. This will eradicate poverty and illiteracy and usher in the reconciliation and restoration of people of African descent.

ART 2063’s goal is to facilitate societal transformation through the collaboration of holistic development within in 9 Mountains That Transform Society: Arts, Sports, and Entertainment; Business and Economy; Education and Reconciliation; Family; Government and International Relations; Media; Religion; Science and technology; and Security (food and water).

How will these efforts help?

By emphasizing the importance of education, platforms will be leveraged to inform, equip, and empower our people to bring holistic development (spiritual, social, and economic). This will be accomplished by promoting a healthy and effective African philosophical framework for life, leadership, and governance.

The process involves educating people of African descent about our collective achievements and contributions to humanity and the opportunities for and challenges to our ongoing mutual development. The historical circumstance of slavery and the rise of capitalism dispersed Africans worldwide. ART 2063’s goal is to plant seeds that would encourage Africans globally to honor and respect one another and develop a oneness vision for a time such as this.

We are resilient people with tremendous strength. We understand the grace that God has given us as a people to endure the hardships of over 400 years of bondage and mistreatment. During this critical time in history, ART 2063 is a bridge that will connect those of African descent to pursue their destiny in the 21st Century. We are stronger together than apart. We are on a God-ordained journey to leverage resources to build a global community of like-minded and conscious people.

We have an opportunity to heal our hearts and souls, lands, build trust and enable reconciliation and oneness among those of African descent globally.