Our Vision, Mission and Objectives

Art2063: Africans Rising Together

VISION: African Americans and the Diaspora working with Africans to promote oneness and common development as a people.

MISSION: To engage and unite people of African descent in constructive collaboration towards oneness and common holistic development.


  1. Reconciliation and Restoration:  Create social and cultural awareness that leads to reconciliation among African Americans, the Diaspora, and Africans.
  2. Education and Holistic Development:  Promote a healthy and effective African philosophical framework for life, leadership, governance and holistic development (spiritual, social, and material).
  1. Societal Transformation:  Facilitate collaboration for holistic development amongst Africans in the Americas, the Diaspora, and Africans in the following societal domains:
    1. Arts, Sports, and Entertainment
    2. Business and Economy
    3. Education
    4. Family
    5. Government and International Relations
    6. Media
    7. Religion
    8. Science and Technology
    9. Security (Food and Water)