Panelist Bio

Jude Asante

Mr. Jude Asante (the CEO) holds a master’s degree in Business Administration (Finance opt.), is a member of the Chartered Institute of Administrators and Management Consultancy – Ghana, and is a Management Consultant. He is a first-degree holder in Business Administration (Accounting opt).

Mr. Asante is severally contracted for business development and management due to his competencies in the spheres of business. He is the content and entrepreneurship ideas developer in charge of strategies for Ye! Community, a subsidiary of Child Finance International, Accra chapter. Worked as the Internal Audit officer, at Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC), and became a TV presenter on one of the State Corporation’s TV channels (GTV-life). Having helped, established, and managed many businesses with several persons across the globe, Mr. Asante is enriched with much business knowledge and a high entrepreneurial spirit for business success.

Mr. Asante is the CEO of YouSort World Company Limited, and founder of Diaspora to Ghana for Business – Return of Africans. He has managed and headed many businesses and academic groups and has also been involved in many volunteering activities. He is full of entrepreneurial spirit, mind, and experience in several business disciplines for business success. All he seeks to establish many businesses as possible to bring back the Black Economic Power.