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Friends, Family & Supporters

Dear Family, Friends, and Supporters:

On Saturday, June 19, 2021, Africans Rising Together 2063 will host our first annual fundraiser. Our theme is Juneteenth Caribbean Heritage Walkathon: A Long Journey to Equal Citizenship. While we are excited about this event, it is something that we cannot do alone. We need your help!

We ask you to partner with us and assist ART 2063 in raising funds during the Walkathon. Dollars raised for this fundraiser will help with staffing, developing programs, and building a solid foundation for our community and unborn babies. Proceeds raised during the Walkathon will assist our non-profit organization in promoting education, cultural awareness, and building wealth among African Americans, Africans in the Diaspora, Africans on the Continent, and other citizens.

“Our people are perishing for lack of knowledge.”

 The Walkathon will serve as a vehicle to provide knowledge and allow our partners to help us spread the word about the significance of the Emancipation Proclamation, also known as the African American Preamble, and the Constitution Amendments that legislate equal citizenship in the United States of America.

As partners, we encourage you to walk at least one mile, mobilize others to walk with you and make a financial donation. Your involvement will honor our ancestors and others who suffered greatly so we could continue the long journey to equal citizenship. The action you take right now will support ART 2063 and impact generations to come.

Please assist us in keeping the African American and Caribbean American legacy alive. Donate and spread the word to educate all citizens about our steps toward equal citizenship and take the pledge to show your support. Your voice and actions will make a monumental difference. The partnership we form today will positively change our community.

Attached, please find the Pledge form for your signature and the partnership levels. Thank you in advance for joining us in our long journey to equal citizenship. We look forward to linking arms as we RISE together to bring transformation to our community!


Dr. James Tucker, President
Africans Rising Together 2063
P. O. Box 12202
St. Louis, Missouri 63157

Partner with Us: Friends and Family