Panelist Bio

Mike Wicker

Based on his research on transformational leadership in the African context, Prof. Mike Wicker believes change happens from the inside out.

Mike holds a Ph.D. in Educational and Organizational Leadership and an M.A. in Planning from the University of New Mexico, USA. He is a registered professional civil engineer and worked in this capacity in southern Africa and is an ordained minister with the Evangelical Church Alliance. With over 44 years of service across the African continent, Dr. Wicker has been a college lecturer in Lesotho, an organizational consultant, Program Director at ALMA in Zimbabwe, and an Associate Professor and Adjunct Faculty staff at the International Leadership University (ILU) in Burundi, Cameroon, DRC, Ghana, Kenya, and Nigeria. He is a member of the Zimbabwe Evaluation Society.

Since his Setswana name given to him is “Tsepo”, meaning “Hope,” Mike’s calling is to bring hope and encouragement to those around him.

Currently, Prof. Wicker serves as the VP of Education with the International Leadership Foundation (ILF). He is married to Helen and has 3 children and 2 grandchildren.